Delivering Actionable Insights and
Optimizing Nursing Workflow & Team Communication


Safety & 



Extend the capabilities of your existing call bell system with RistCall INSIGHT

Address situations as they arise with Real-time Alerts

Receive customizable alerts via email or SMS text message including when someone is experiencing a long response time

Includes custom escalation options to notify appropriate personnel at specified intervals 

for example:

  1. notify unit manager of all calls currently waiting > 10 mins for a response 

  2. notify upper management of all calls currently waiting >20mins for a response

Actionable Insights 
Available Anywhere* in Real-time
  • know what calls are happening now from virtually anywhere

  • access on any computer, tablet or smartphone 

  • unlimited platform access

  • receive Insights in your email inbox at custom intervals

   *requires internet access & valid login

Understand Resident Needs & Trends in Context in Real-time
Make Evidence-based operational changes
  • use data to answer key questions to inform decision-making

Customizable views
  • display differentiated data views for various positions
See residents currently waiting for assistance
Surfaces opportunities for
Positive staff reinforcement

for example:

  1. What patterns emerge when call volumes or high response times peak?

  2. What factors contribute to responsiveness?

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