RistCall™ Nurse/Care giver Band

It will have the following functionality

Light and buzzer: Activates when patient call button is pressed.

Display: To display patient name or id

Contact strip: To contact the patient care band when care is delivered.

Three call request buttons to classify patient call and actively engage with patients

      Button 1: Medication/pain help

      Button 2: Bathroom or bed side help

      Button 3: Generic help

Call close button

What does this mean to Nurse ?

No more bulky mobile devices to carry in their pockets. No more call drop outs and no more noisy phones.Nurses always have access to their patient requests through their bands.

RistCall™ Patient Band

Patient band will have the following functionality.


Call Button : To request a help

“Thumbs up” button: To indicate if it was a good encounter. It can only be activated when nurse care band is out of range.

“Thumbs down” button: To indicate if it was a problematic encounter. It can only be activated when nurse care band is out of range.

Contact strip: Whenever care is rendered, nurse care band should touch the patient’s care band contact strip. This will register a care interaction.


What does this mean to a patient ? 

Patient can call from any where and any time. They are empowered to let the admin's know of their care request status. Their calls are constantly monitored and admin's / HUC's can intervene before it effects patient satisfaction level


RistCall™ System


RistCall™ is not a just another call bell system for patients. It is an on demand care request tool for patients when and wherever they want.Sophisticated automated call forward tool for staff. Captures repeated callbacks /nurse dropouts,reduces call bell response time and thus ensures patient safety.Capture patient acuity informationProvide point of care patient feedback for floor evaluation. Data driven decision tool for administrators.

RistCall™ Server

Server allows registration of care-takers and patients calls. It also does a sweep to determine active staff to detect activated care bands in the vicinity and verify that a nurse and back up are present for each patient. 

It automatically forwards the patient call to secondary nurse if primary nurse is busy or not avaialable. Server can also send periodic reminders to care takers for hourly rounding and pain management follow up.


What does this mean to HUC's/ Unit head ?

Unit heads always have access to buildings real time data about patient care requests and their status. Thus they can quickly intervene before it effects patients satisfaction


RistCall™ Analytics

Data collected using RistCall bands can be used to provide administrative data and also to do statistics to look for outliers (which floor of the facility is doing well and which are not). It can also be used to provide patient acuity data. By acuity we mean - what is the degree of need or demand made by patients on the basis of call bell frequency or patient encounter frequency. Administration may want to staff by acuity.If a patient regularly presses the red button for a bad encounter, there will be a statistical tool to determine if the patient just always gives a bad evaluation or if he is grump patient. Please note that patient feedback is not tied to nurse performance but to floor evaluation only (Please see appendix for more information).